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Training #8/8

Wanna multiply your impact? Here’s 3 practical ways…

Multiply your impact…


This video shows 3 ways you can help your company (and your community) thrive.

Missions To Multiply Your Impact #8

Family Mission

Block Your Calendar

Add a regular event to your family calendar. Whether it’s a date night, game night, or some kind of exercise – make it a repeating event on your calendar. BONUS – Block different things for different people. I cherish my Dad & Daughter nights…

Community Mission

Learn More About Your Area

Research your area. Read the paper, scan the town website, or search social media. You may learn about people, needs, and events in your area. BONUS – Make it a personal mission to visit an event or serve a specific need in your area.

Company Mission

Plan an Event

Whether you want to host an open-house for your customers or a training day for your staff, invest some time and money into it. BONUS – Involve your friends, your family, and your staff. See if other companies in your area want to help.

Save Small Businesses

Thank you for investing in your company and in our community.

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