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Are you throwing away advertising dollars? Then you may need a Marketing Magician…

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This video will show you some common mistakes most companies make and how YOU can BE a Marketing Magician.

Missions To Multiply Your Impact #7

Family Mission

Volunteer Together

Find a group or organization that your family can serve on a regular basis. Whether it’s singing Christmas songs at a nursing home or helping the houseless, you can create a new tradition. BONUS – Involve everyone in the decision. You may discover a burden someone has for others.

Community Mission

Organize a Community Clean-up

Whether it’s cleaning your town or the edges of a highway or river, get people together to keep our world clean. It may become an annual event. Ours did. BONUS – Consider having prizes for people who participate or a good cause they can donate to.

Company Mission

Analyze Your Website

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Is your website simple with a clear call to action? Does it address a problem they have? Does it set you apart? BONUS – Look at it with a customer or members of your staff – they’ll give excellent feedback and you’ll create a connection.

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