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Training #6/8

This video shows how YOU can be a “Mood Mechanic” – to help yourself and others…

Being a “Mood Mechanic” rocks – it’s like having your own reality repair kit.


It can help your family, your company, and your community thrive.

Missions To Multiply Your Impact #6

Family Mission

Help Someone Together

As a family, we’ve grabbed rakes and helped a neighbor clean up their lawn. Is there something you can do to help someone in your community? Maybe shovel some snow? BONUS – Talk afterward over a hot chocolate or tea. See how helping someone made everyone feel.

Community Mission

Visit a Local Church

Find a Church and see how they’re serving the community. It’s likely they have a food or clothing program for people in need. See how you can volunteer and help. BONUS – Visit an event or a service. You’ll meet lots of people and create new connections in the community.

Company Mission

Run a Contest

People love the chance to win stuff. Whether it’s an overstock product or a service you provide, it can drive sales and create excitement. BONUS – See if another company will do a contest with you and combine prizes.

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