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Training #5/8

This video dives deeper into the power of WHY and how it can energize your staff and supersize your sales…

This video shows you how to help companies can go from good to great.


It gives a real-world example of the importance of your “why supply.”

Missions To Multiply Your Impact #5

Family Mission

Learn Something Together

Learn something with your family, friends, or coworkers. Whether it’s a video about a local charitable group, the plight of a people group, ¬†or some teaching on Youtube, watch it together. BONUS – Maybe find something that can become a goal or mission for your family.

Community Mission

Volunteer 1 Hour

There are a lot of people and organizations doing good work in your community. Find one and ask how you can donate an hour to help them. BONUS – Get your family, friends, coworkers, or company in on the action. Find out how you can make it a regular thing.

Company Mission

Create A Cross-Promotion

Magic happens when companies work together. See if you can trade coupons with another company. That way when someone buys something, they get a coupon that drives them to a partner company. BONUS – Find products that work well together – like flowers/chocolate, dinner/boardgame, or haircut/nails.

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