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Training #4/8

This video introduces you to a Mood Mechanic – they are essential to the health of any team, organization, or community…

Are you looking for ways to elevate people and their moods? Then you need to learn about their “why supply.”

This video helps you elevate someone’s job to a higher level, along with their joy and their sense of purpose.

Missions To Multiply Your Impact #4

Family Mission

Try A New Food

Whether you order from a local restaurant or try a new ethnic recipe, bring your family (or friends) together to try something new and tasty. BONUS – Maybe research something about the food or the country it comes from to immerse yourself (and your loved ones) in the experience.

Community Mission

Donate $20

Is there a youth centre, senior centre, food bank, church, or an animal shelter in your area? Consider donating some money to their cause. BONUS – Get in a conversation with them to learn more about their mission, their people, and their needs.

Company Mission

Gift A Local Business

As someone who’s run a charitable organization for decades, I know the importance of business partnerships. Find a group and donate some product or services to help them in their mission. BONUS – Involve your staff in picking the group/cause and choosing how to help.

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