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Training #3/8

This video teaches you RAISED UP – the secret of a true Bridge Builder…

The RAISED UP Method creates connections with staff, suppliers, customers, and the community.

It’s a pattern that builds people up and creates leaders that serve others… know it, show it, and share it.

Missions To Multiply Your Impact #3

Family Mission

Date Night

Someone in your life would love a date night – whether it’s your wife, your child, or your best buddy. Pick something to do that they’ll love and try to keep it local. BONUS – feel free to write a note about stuff you admire about them or why you appreciate their friendship.

Community Mission

Treat A Neighbor

Buy a pie, treat, or bag of cherries from a local grocer and give it to a neighbor you haven’t talked to in a while. BONUS – Ask them how they’ve been doing and see if there’s any way you can serve their family during these difficult times. Make sure you learn, use, and remember their name.

Company Mission

Gift A Local Business

Find a gift for a local business to lift their spirits and remind them that they are important to the community. It could even be a product you sell or a service you provide. BONUS – Give some thought to how your two companies can work together to build strength in the community.

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