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Training #2/8

Every company needs a bridge builder to thrive. Will you embrace this calling?

This video will introduce you to a Bridge Builder and show you how ONE person can help any company grow.


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Missions To Multiply Your Impact #2

Family Mission

Family Game Night

A family game night is a great way to bring together the people you live with. Whether you choose a game you own (or buy a new one) you can create some lasting memories. Co-operative games like Forbidden Island or Pandemic can be tons of fun. BONUS – Feel free to add prizes or a special treat (drinks, snacks, etc.)

Community Mission

Give a Gift Card

Nothing brightens a day like an unexpected gift card – especially if you find someone who’s having a tough day – which is most people these days. BONUS – Choose a gift card from a local business that may have been struggling through the pandemic and lockdown. Also, you may want to give it to a person or company that served the community amidst lockdowns.

Company Mission

Commit To Buying Local

As a business owner, it’s easy finding the best price online for the things you need. However, I encourage you to find local suppliers for everything your company uses. BONUS – By researching local suppliers and visiting businesses in your area, you’ll make contacts that can turn into mutually beneficial relationships for lots of people.

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