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Training #1/8

This intro video shows the danger of the downward dominos & how important every business is to our community…

Strong companies are made of strong people working together to make the community stronger.

Make sure you do the 3 missions on every training page to multiply your impact…

Missions To Multiply Your Impact #1

Family Mission

Family Walk Talk

Nothing builds people like strong relationships. Take time with your family tonight (or friend or coworker) to go for a walk and a talk. It’s a great way to get exercise and an even better way to get to know each other. BONUS – research some questions you can ask to build connection or find some jokes/riddles that can make the walk more interesting. 

Community Mission

Learn More Names

From this point forward, make an effort to learn people’s names. Whether it’s at the gas station, grocery store, or your own office, learn people’s names and use them. BONUS – Make it a challenge for the whole family or your team at work. If your memory sucks, use your phones NOTES feature to help you remember people and places.

Company Mission

Surprise Your Staff

Treat your whole team to an outing, a gift, or a snack. It could be as complex as a day at the park or as simple as a slab cake to celebrate their service and dedication. The other option is to plan a gift. It could be as complex as printed clothing or as simple as a $5 gift card for coffee. BONUS – see if you can work with a local restaurant and swap products or services.

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