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Important Note:

This is training my Dad made for me. He’s won awards and worked with everything from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. He knows how to increase sales and motivate staff.

NOTE: The first video refers to a sign-up process that I took out to make things easier for you. For that reason, we’ve put all the videos on this page.

ALSO, new information and prizes are being added to this page every week. Enjoy the training now but come back in a few weeks to see more great stuff! Thanks & have a great day!

Video 1 – Introduction

Why is this so important? Find out in our first video. You’ll also be introduced to the 3 people every company needs to thrive in this strange new economy.

Whether you’re a business owner or valued member of the team, this video is your first step toward more satisfaction, greater impact, and stronger community!


Video 2 – The Bridge Builder

Every company needs a bridge builder to thrive. Will you embrace this calling?

This video will introduce the bridge builder and show you an example of how one person can help any company grow.


Video 3 – Be a Bridge Builder

Here are some practical tips on how to be a bridge-builder. You’ll find that these simple strategies will strengthen your company, your family, and your community.


Video 4 – The Mood Mechanic

Mood Mechanics are essential to the health of any team, organization, and community.

This video will introduce you to the Mood Mechanic and the importance of your “why supply.”┬áIt will help you elevate someone’s job to a higher level, along with their mood, their sense of purpose, and their joy.

Video 5 – Mood Mechanic Example

This video dives deeper into the power of WHY.

It will give you a real world example showing how a WHY SUPPLY can energize your staff and super-size your sales.

Video 6 – Be a Mood Mechanic

This video shows you how you can be a Mood Mechanic.

Being a Mood Mechanic rocks. It’s like having your own reality repair kit. It can help your company, your family, and your community thrive.

Video 7 – The Marketing Magician

Are you throwing away advertising dollars? Are you feeding your competition with your customers?

This video will teach you how to be a Marketing Magician while exposing common mistakes most companies make.

Video 8 – Multiply Your Impact

This video will show you 3 practical ways you can multiply your impact and help your company (and your community) thrive.


We’re adding chances for you to win prizes, help others, and start missions to grow your company.

Win Prizes

Get a chance to win gift certificates, consulting for your company, discounts, or a free website to grow your business.

Help Others

We’ll give you a chance to donate money to help local families or donate products to promote your business and encourage people to “buy local!”

Grow Your Company

We’re gonna be adding little mini-missions that you can use to grow your company, motivate your staff, and strengthen your community.