The economy is killing small businesses. Are you worried?

Don’t be. Someone is sending you this FREE training so YOU can help more companies in our area.

We’re also gonna be launching a BUY LOCAL campaign with prizes!

Business Locations Closing

Help Companies

Learn skills that can help save businesses in your area.

Protect Jobs

Job security for you and everyone you care about!

Save Communities

Help your area thrive by helping local businesses.

Local Young Entrepreneurs

I’m Ethan. We’re local entrepreneurs. We want to help your business recover from the pandemic / lockdown.

Abby (left) has a dog walking business and is organizing a town clean-up to raise money to help local families.

I cut grass to raise money to reduce child trafficking in other countries.

Someone sent this to you because they see something heroic in you. 🙂

Avoid Unemployment

When one company dies, hundreds of people lose their job.

Avoid Regret

Don’t sit by & watch companies die. (because they don’t come back!)

Avoid Disaster

One small business failing puts the whole local economy in danger.

How Do I Save Companies?

Step 1 – Live It

Click the button for free training. Learn to BE a saver of companies.

Step 2 – Give It

Share Business Lift Gift with other heroic people.

Step 3 – Celebrate

Buy a cake when your community is thriving. You deserve it!

What do you want to save in your area?

“Save small shops and restaurants.”
“Protect art and dance programs.”
“Preserve jobs in our community.”
“Save the company I work for.”
“Help local charities and churches.”
“Help my friends keep their job.”



Small Business Training
Opportunities For Young People

Engaging & Inspiring Local Youth


We’re helping local youth learn technology, start businesses, and help provide for their families in these tough economic times.

Some “hands on” activities include video editing for the training videos on this project, learning how to build computers, website development, etc.

This summer we’re doing a town clean-up to help raise money to help local families recover from the ravages of the pandemic and lockdown.